Helping Others

Jan 18, 2019

Abu Bakr and Umar Radiallahu anham – the two major sahaba – Umar found out that there was an elderly woman living kind of far in the outskirts of Medina who was very weak and needed help to carry a bucket of water, water the plants and do things around her house. He decided I’m going to make it a point to go and help this elderly woman. So he goes one morning and he gets there and she says somebody already came and took care. So he says to himself, I’ll try tomorrow morning. He wakes up a little bit earlier and he goes a little bit earlier and she says somebody already came and took care of everything.  He tries and tries again earlier and earlier until he bumps into the one doing it. Who was getting there first? Who was winning the competition of helping somebody? None other that Abu Bakr as Saddiq radiallahu anham. He was the one who was showing up to take care of the woman. This is what the sahaba used to compete for, helping others.