Pleasing Allah

Jan 25, 2019

The father of Abu Bakr – he asked Abu Bakr, “Why do you do all of this?” Abu Bakr, he had money, he was well to do. And he used his money, either he gave it to Prophet Muhammad SWS for the cause of Islam. Rasullullah didn’t take any money for himself. It was just all for the community, as charity for the community. Either he gave it as charity for the community or he gave it to free a slave. Can you imagine being a slave in a small room with barely a window at the top and you don’t get much sleep and you don’t get much food and you don’t have a bed and you don’t have a family and if you do, you don’t know where they are and they don’t know where you are. Abu Bakr made it a point that ‘I am going to get as many people who are in that situation out of that situation.’ So his father asked him why do you do all this? Why don’t you free a slave who is a strong man who can help you in the house. All the slaves you free are weak. Why don’t you free someone and then hire him to work for you? What was the response? Why did Abu Bakr do what he did? ‘Innashailakum la shatta.’ Your efforts are divided. Some people, they work for the dunya (world) and some people they work for the akhira (hereafter). Was Abu Bakr freeing a slave so that he can get more help inside his house? No that’s dunya. No he was freeing slaves, he was helping out, he was giving his money only, nothing else, but to please Allah. Nothing but pleasing Allah.