AIM to be content, creating true inner strength

Nov 22, 2019

Learn the power of AIM: Being pleased with Allah and His Decree, Islam as our religion and Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him as our messenger. Ustadh Michael Wolfender uses his own story of finding Islam, the father of a victim of murder and historical prophethood references to emphasize the power of AIM and being happy, pleased and content.

Allah Has given us the gifts to understand who He is We don’t always understand everything that happens to us.

Learn the Arabic phrase reflecting being content, happy and pleased with Allah’s decree.

No hardship comes to you except that it is the plan of Allah. Those who accept this have their heart strengthened. Allah knows your troubles. Allah wants good for you.

We learn how the father of a victim of murder forgave the murderer, helped him and hugged him.

We also learn of struggles Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him faced and continued to forgive, acting with mercy and contentment with the decree of Allah, despite the loss of six of seven children and others including his best friend and supporter. He did not question Allah’s wisdom and instead found the strength to forgive.

AIM to be content; this creates true inner strength.