Lessons from the Final Prophet

Nov 9, 2019

Our guest khateeb acknowledges the month in which Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him was born, sharing lessons every human should learn to build character and please our Lord. Referenced are 20 advices from our prophet peace be upon him: talk softly, walk humbly, eat sensibly, breathe deeply, sleep sufficiently, dress properly, interact politely, act fearlessly, work patiently, think truthfully, believe correctly, behave decently, learn practically, plan orderly, earn honestly, spend intelligently, sacrifice regularly, worship dedicatedly, serve parents happily, show love passionately. Muslims should know our prophet peace be upon him, love him, honor him and follow him. He was the first to carry his name and millions of parents have since honored him by bestowing his name on their progeny. Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him is known as the bringer of good news, merciful, full of piety and a mercy to the worlds. Listen to how he consoled a palm tree and a lesson from the battlefield which teaches us to follow his guidance today. Be more interested in your character than your reputation. How you prepare for, manage and address challenges and controversy demonstrates character. Be positive, optimistic and strive hard in life. Those to dare to fail will achieve greatly. Understanding this means belieivers can implement and share Qur’an’s guidance.