Purpose and Power in Dua

Nov 29, 2019

Got problems? Of course you do! We all do. Guest khateeb Ameen Almallah helps us understand the purpose and power of dua. Most of our duas fall into one of two categories: seeking to remove a problem and future benefit. It’s important for believers to always remember and call upon Allah, and it is also natural and appropropriate when one is bearing an increase in problems, to increase worship and dua. Duas are accepted and responded to immediately, over the course of your life or in the hereafter. So when a believer doesn’t see an immediate acceptance, this is not a reflection of Allah’s immediate view of you and His Happiness with His believer. 

Allah provides the examples of His prophets for believers to learn from. Noah (as) preached for 950 years. And we get frustrated often in seconds or minutes!

Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him continued to offer dua on behalf of his relatives who did not accept Islam. Allah reminds us those we pray for do not automatically receive guidance because of duas made for this purpose. 

Jacob (as) had 12 sons and he lost his youngest, Joseph, as a child; he made dua and cried over losing his son. So much so that he lost his eyesight. After many years, Jacob was reunited with his son.

Moses’ mother put him in a basket and threw him in the river Nile. Upon consideration, we’ll understand there is nothing on this earth like a mother’s love for her child. Moses’ mother made dua for her son. And he was returned to her within hours. 

The reason we make dua is we expect a return. But we must first understand that the word ‘dua’ means to call, invite and cry out. Duas do include requests and demands. They are from a slave turning to his Master, to beg of Allah of Him and His Bounty. That you ask Allah is most important and engage in conversation with Him. 

Joseph (as) was falsely accused and jailed. However, if he had never made it to Egypt, he never would have been brought before the king and earned a position in his court, leading to reunion with his family. 

Pain is provided for a reason: to learn, be patient and ask of our Master, balanced by thanking Him for the blessing He continually showers us with.