Tested Towards True Success

Dec 21, 2019

In Surah 92 Al-Layl (The Night), Allah swears by the day and night as opposites, just as life can be divided between those who give and those who don’t. The first category of people are those who give, are mindful of Allah and the consequences of actions, believing, following and adopting the truth when seen. For this, Allah says he will ease such a believer to ease, provide success and make it easy to achieve. Allah guarantees this. 

The second category of people are those who are selfish, refuse to give and thinks for themselves. Relying on themselves, when truth is presented, the response is: ‘I have a better way,’ denying the best and preferring to handle matters of their own accord. To this, Allah says He will make it easy for such to fail, fall on hardship and face failures. 

Wealth and materialism carry no benefit beyond this world and can pave a path to doom, while a sharing heart gives to others, thinking of their benefit. A true believer loves for another what s/he loves for him or herself, dedicating choices to ensure they please Allah. 

Allah says to follow His Way to earn success, as His plan is to make His servants happy. In searching for a leader, the simple answer is to follow Allah and His Messenger

To earn eternal happiness, as a believer, you will face tests. The answer is to put trust in Allah by turning to Him. Asking of Allah, worshipping Him and making dua (asking of Him) is pleasing to Him. 

As an example, Allah relays the story of the teenagers of the cave and the test they faced in Surah Kahf (The Cave) and how they turned to Allah, knowing that confidence in following Allah is the right way. Be bold and strong in knowing this is the right way. These teenagers worshipped Allah as One while those around them worshipped idols. They were called to their king’s court and required to profess that they would worship idols as the rest of their community did. But this went against their faith. So they made dua to Allah and Allah says ‘we made them firm, strong and not scared’ because they believed in the truth. But they faced the test to worship idols or be sentenced to death. The teens professed faith in Allah as One, the Master of the Universe and that they would never worship any other. Their boldness then also spurred them to prompt those making them do this to bring the idols they worshipped forth and profess themselves why they should be worshipped.. Of course, inanimate objects could not. 

The teens fled. Allah provided miracles as assistance and recompense.  The correlation for us is the stronger we hold to Allah when tested, the stronger His Help will be for the believer. 

We would be lost without the Guidance from Allah. We each have the opportunity to demonstrate truth to humanity and strength in belief. Allah provided the teenagers of the cave the miracle of sleep for 300 years and a dog to protect them.

Ask Allah to make you strong. Turn to the Qur’an and sunnah for guidance. This relieves worry and hardship, replacing it with contentment. The test won’t be removed, but the unnecessary concerns will be. 

Allah, we are at your service. Your Decree and Judgment is Fair to us. We ask Allah to make His Qur’an a means for us to be happy and content, to be a Light in our heart.