Faith, Fairness, Justice and Tolerance

Mar 20, 2020

After beginning the weekly reminder in Arabic for 45 seconds, Ustadh Michael Wolfender examines the compilation and revelation of the Qur’an and its instruction and correlation to building the initial strength for an Islamic community. The Qur’an begins with Surah Al-Fatihah, where we ask Allah to guide us to the straight path. This is followed by the beginning of such guidance with Surah Al-Baqarah, wherein a deviant community uses the ploy of asking questions to delay following instructions from God. This parable is used to contrast a community who is provided guidance and obeys. In Surah Al-Fil, Allah describes how He saved His House, the Ka’ba in Mecca, from an army of elephants. This was the same year Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him was born.  In Surah Kafirun, Muslims are given the guidance to not compromise with those who do not believe accordingly. With this guidance and evidencing the purpose of his existence, Prophet Muhammed peace be upon him, upon returning to Mecca to free the Ka’ba of idols, did so with mercy for all, forsaking retribution for years of torture Muslims endured.  Brother Michael continues with the guidance in the longest chapter, Surah Al-Baqara, as it instructs on building a Muslim community of faith, fairness, justice and tolerance. Allah indicates the direction to turn to in prayer, known as the qibla, along with instructions to fast during the month of Ramadan, the same month the beginning of the Qur’an’s revelation occurred. Eid celebrations after the month of Ramadan celebrate the Qur’an’s revelation. Instructions from the Qur’an and worship during Ramadan help establish a strong community of Muslims. How? Fasting is a means to control yourself for Allah, to help instruct on how to control desires. Become a leader by being a disciplined follower. Success is to control yourself and turn to the Qur’an for guidance.