How to Win

Mar 6, 2020

After beginning his khutbah or the weekly reminder in Arabic for 45 seconds, Senior Student Zakariya Alkhawaldeh recites Surah Al-’Asr where Allah swears by time, indicating that humanity is in loss before ending the surah with the solutions towards ensuring success.

When an angel blows the soul into the growing embryo ensuring life, factors including that individual’s rizq or money and wealth, time on earth including date of birth and death as well as whether that person will live a happy or miserable life due to their actions are all determined and recorded. 

Upon death, each individual faces questioning in the grave, including: 

Who is your Lord?

Who is your messenger? Who did you follow?

What is your religion?

Seek knowledge and Allah will make your path easy. Seek knowledge about Allah by His Names and Attributes. Learn about His prophet by his character, manners and actions. Learn Islam, its purpose and reasonings to be able to share the message of salvation. Apply these learnings in life. Whoever Allah wishes, He will provide that person with understanding of His Religion. Calling people to Islam may not be easy and requires patience beyond exemplary character. The reward of paradise is certainly fitting.