Learning from Surat Al-Mu’minun (23 The Believers)

Aug 29, 2020

Ustadh Michael Wolfender shares learnings from Surat Al-Mu’minum on how amazing Allah is. Brother Michael advises how the surah opens with the first four ayat guaranteeing success to believers who follow what Allah ordains: care about prayer, do not waste time and share. Believers will be winners when they are serious about praying salah and care about prayer, use time productively and are charitable. Believers give what they like to others, understanding Allah is The Provider and He can give more. 

The 23rd surah describes how Allah created man from clay and how humans form from embryos. From this, Allah fashions humans, who, if they physically injure themselves can have human body parts, like skin, repair itself. As further benefit, Allah sends down fresh water filling rivers and lakes, sustaining life that grows sustenance with all sorts of flavor and nutrition. 

Allah sent messengers. People denied them, just as they deny Allah’s Favors. This is a fundamental mistake to not realize how amazing Allah is, while everyday it is evident the creation He has provided, including our human bodies, water and food.