Allah Advises the Key to Success in An-Nahl (16 The Bee)

Nov 27, 2020

Nothing is perfect except Allah summarizes Ustadh Michael Wolfender, referencing An-Nahl (16 The Bee), the 14-page surah wherein Allah lists many of His Blessings (see ayat 78 – 81). For example, Ayah 8 advises His Favor of what animals have been provided to ride without which some areas could not be reached. Ayat 10 – 11, 65 and 67 discuss how Allah sends rain as water for drinking and for plants to grow which then makes food for cattle to graze. As Brother Michael phrases: “flavors in fruit, food and juice.” In Ayat 5 – 7 and 66, Allah illustrates how He has provided cows for warm, food and many other benefits.  And the namesake of the surah, the bee, is addressed in ayat 68 and 69, including the healing power of honey. Brother Michael remarks on how in seeking pollen, bees will each travel the same route to designated flowers, such is the amazing detail Allah endows His Creation. Animals provide clothing, and at the time of revelation, means to create tents as mobile living.   

With these examples, Ustadh Michael recounts how Allah articulates humans cannot count His Blessings. And after this, despite our failings, Allah declares He is Forgiving. While we cannot and do not thank Him enough, He continues to provide. Ayat 49 – 50 conclude with requiring prostration before Allah, explaining how everything in the universe acknowledges Allah’s Omnipotence.  

Every blessing comes from Allah so we should recognize this and be grateful. Most don’t recognize the blessings of Allah. Those who do appreciate Allah and thank Him ensure they protect this by continually thanking Him. Brother Michael counsels the more you are thankful, the more Allah says He will make you thankful as He will provide more for you to be thankful for. 

As An-Nahl nears its end, in Ayah 90, Allah warns to be fair and forbids to do what is wrong. Our job is to be honest, sincere and do our part with the capabilities Allah has showered us with. With this,appreciate what Allah provides and be content. As we learn in ayat 30 – 32 and 95 – 96 that the reward for the patient will be everlasting. The key to success is outlined in Ayah 97: Allah promises those who do good deeds and believe in Him will have a good life.