Remember 4 Lessons from John the Baptist (Prophet Yahya)

Jan 29, 2021

Ustadh Michael used amazing analogies to signify the importance of the pillars of Islam mentioned in Surah bayyinah. Allah says in Surah Bayyinah (5 The Clear Proof) “ Even though they were only commanded to worship Allah ˹alone˺ with sincere devotion to Him in all uprightness, establish prayer, and pay Zakah. That is the upright Way.” 

The first analogy is about worshipping Allah alone. If we worship someone else other than Allah then it is like somebody giving away your money to someone else. If you hire someone for business then you wouldn’t want him to give your profit to someone else and just like that you can’t worship anyone other than Allah because he provides you with everything.

The second analogy is about giving sadaqah. If you’re running away from the enemy and they catch you and they are about to kill you but you give them a ransom and they let you go. Just like that your sadaqah will save you. 

The third pillar is about fasting. When you are fasting, the angels come to smell you because they love the smell of the fasting person. 

The fourth analogy is about Dhikr. When an enemy is after you  and then all of a sudden a castle appears in front of you and you go in and the doors close behind you so you are all safe. This is just like when you are not remembering Allah and Shaytaan is after you and then all of a sudden you remember Allah and do dhikr then the dhikr is like the castle that will keep you safe from Shaytaan’s attacks. 

The last thing mentioned about Salah.  When you pray salah it is as if Allah is in front of you and listening to every word and answering your prayers but then the moment you look away or start thinking about something else Allah also turns around.

Summary by Maryam Z., 9th Grade at Good Tree Academy