7 Ways to Receive Protection from Angels

May 14, 2021

Ustadh Michael Wolfender reminds us how angels will visit us when it is our time to return to Allah. It can be a time to be happy to see and meet them, especially if you’ve taken advantage of seven times when angels pray for you:

  1. When you are eating suhoor, the pre-dawn meal prior to fasting, angels mention you to Allah based on your intention, as Allah says fasting is between Him and His believer. 
  2. Arrive early to be in the first row at the masjid
  3. Sit after salah and remember Allah as angels will ask Allah to forgive you and have mercy on you
  4. When you teach others good things, angels and all the animals on earth make dua for you
  5. When you make dua for someone who is not with you, Allah appoints an angel to say ‘ameen’ so your request on behalf of another applies to you, too
  6. When you spend for the sake of Allah, Allah returns what you spend
  7. When you make wudu before going to sleep, an angel is as close as hugging you all night; if you wake up, the angel asks Allah for your protection and forgiveness