Lessons of Surah Al-Qadr (97 The Power)

May 10, 2021

Sister Yummah’s first graders teach us lessons from Surah Al-Qadr (97 The Power). Jennah introduces us to the first two verses where Allah begins to reveal the significance of the Night of Power. Tayyab helps explain how Allah places an exponential value of good deeds worth their being performed for 83 years. And Layla adds that’s equal to 1000 months!

Kabir shares he’s happy he memorized Surah Al-Qadr’s five verses. And Sister Yummah’s class shares we can’t be certain exactly when this night is and only Allah knows. We often search for this night in the final ten odd nights of Ramadan.

Ibrahim shares we can earn more good deeds by offering more worship. Ishaq ticks off the odd nights in the final third of Ramadan when it’s most likely to find the Night of Power. 

Manaal explains who Allah sends to observe our performing good deeds. And Khizr shares the good news of what they do with those observations in reporting them to Allah. 

Musa recites a special dua to ask of Allah during the Night of Power. From the final verse of this surah, Kenaan and Rayan explain when the timeframe for the Night of Power concludes.