Learning from the Best on How to Treat Those Around Us

Nov 1, 2021

Ever had difficulty dealing with those around you? Allah sent us His messenger, Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, as the best example for us to learn how to be kind, courteous, respectful, understanding and merciful to those around us. 

Ustadh Michael Wolfender asks students to think of a time when you felt special because someone did something special for you. Naturally, you would love that person and be appreciative of the things they do for you. This is one of the reasons why we love our parents. 

Those that met Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him felt very special and there are many instances where the love he shared with others impacted them greatly. Amr ibn al-As felt that the prophet ﷺ loved him so much that he went to the prophet to ask him who he loved the most. The prophet said Aisha, his wife. To which Amr asked who the prophet ﷺ loved among the men. Prophet Muhammad responded with Abu Bakr. Amr realized he was not on the top of the prophet’s list but that he loved the prophet so much because he hadn’t experienced such love before.

Zayd Ibn Al Haritha was kidnapped as a child and sold in Mecca, where he became a freed slave under Khadeja, the prophet’s first wife. When Zayd’s father traveled from Yemen to find his son, he offered the prophet ﷺ money in return for Zayd. The prophet told Zayd’s father to keep the money and suggested that Zayd decide what he would like to do. Zayd wanted to stay with the prophet ﷺ because he had never met someone who treated him so well. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ treated Zayd like his own son and Zayd’s father understood and respected that love.

During the Battle of Badr, the Messenger of Allah would use a stick to line everyone up for prayer and while everyone was dressed for battle, one man, Suad Ibn Azeyah was not wearing a top. He claimed to the prophet ﷺ that he poked him with the stick and insisted he get to poke the prophet back. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ gave Suad the stick to poke him back but instead Suad got on his knees and hugged the prophet. When asked why he did that, Suad told the prophet that it was a trick to hug the prophet before going into battle.

Prophet Muhammad’s love and kindness was also shown through his marriages. He would kneel down and wipe the floor, stitch his own clothes, and treat women so well that all the women who knew him said they have never seen a man like this. His wife Aisha loved him so much, she never remarried. 

Everyone felt so special around Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and he never failed to show everyone the strongest love. May Allah inspire us to do as best as we can to follow in the footsteps of the prophet through his special love and kindness.