The Qur’an is a Mercy to Humanity

Jan 14, 2022

Ustadh Michael Wolfender shares the story of the first revelation. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was in secution, thinking, pondering when the angel Jibreel (Gabrial) came to him with and said Icra, read (Surah Alaq (96) The Clot). The Qur’an is the ultimate reading, the ultimate recitation that has great power to transform the lives of people, to elevate their humanity, to guide them to a better way of life. 

Allah chose a person, Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, who was known to be trustworthy to give the responsibility of delivering this super powerful Word to the people. The Quran is mercy. What is this mercy? It is the guidance that alleviates pain, confusion, and destruction to the self, the society and all creation. 

Allah mentions in this same sura to Prophet Muhammad ﷺ that with this trust he has given him, he will be tested, he will go through hardship, but all of these hardships will ultimately make him stronger. Many tried to harm him but he was under the protection of Allah. They only harmed themselves. We ask Allah to give him peace and blessings for bringing us the Qur’an, the super powerful word of God.