Got it rough? Allah has The Solution

Feb 1, 2022

Everyone faces times of difficulty and may think life is not fair. We might look around and see others around us do not have the same responsibilities we have or are not struggling like we may be. Ustadh Michael Wolfender recites the beginning of 90:1-4 Surah Al-Balad (The City) where Allah announces everyone at some time on this earth will face hardship. We are not alone in this test. Allah is the Most Just. He is not unfair to anyone. This is all a part of our test to make us worthy for the great reward of Paradise.

Many believers in the early days of Islam went though severe hardship, but Allah recognized their struggles and took them away as Islam spread and flourished. Allah will send people your way who will recognize what you are going through and help bring relief to you. The test is not to complain, to believe that the ease is surely to come. Sometimes we don’t see that our hardship can be a lot worse and that it is easy compared to what others are going through. Allah gives us examples of others who have suffered greater difficulties than us. With these examples in mind we can move through our hardship towards ease.

That ease is in Allah’s Guidance. Ustadh Michael concludes with the beginning of Surah Taha (20) which has the power to bring believers to the peace of Islam, where Allah advises why He sent His Book and that is it easy for those seeking to understand and please Him.