Fasting’s Feast of Rewards

Apr 22, 2022

Principal Wadud Hassan shares some of the rewards from fasting, including: 

  • Allah has created a special gate in paradise called Al Rayyan for those who fast
  • Fasting is a shield which will protect you from hellfire on the Day of Judgment
  • Charity and night prayer extinguishes fire
  • Fasting and the Qur’an will intercede for believers on the Day of Judgment
  • Fasting one day removes a believer seventy years away from hellfire
  • When those fasting are in the company of those who are eating, angels send blessings for those sacrificing for Allah’s Sake

There are levels of fasting beyond abstaining from food and drink, such as staying away from what’s forbidden in bad behavior. Those fasting can then focus on good values like cleansing your heart by forgiving others and seeking forgiveness.