In the Presence of Allah: Power in Prayer

Apr 15, 2022

All of His books Allah revealed in the month of Ramadan, while most Muslims may only consider the Qur’an’s revelation to Prophet Muhammad  in the cave of Mount Hira. This is among the reasons Ramadan is a special month with increased blessings. Allah closes the doors to the hellfire and opens the doors to paradise. Prayers increase in reward 70-fold. Optional prayers are elevated to the reward of obligatory prayers. Beyond rewards as an incentive, Ramadan is a month to develop and build your relationship with Allah, remembering Him in your heart. Build good values, like patience. 

Principal Wadud Hassan shares the origin story of an early scholar of Islam, his beginnings as a sinner, the death of his daughter and a dream where she helped bring him towards Allah. It’s guidance like this which can help us chart a straight path to understand the value of our short lifetime compared to the Day of Judgment which will last 50,000 years. 

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