The One Night that’s Better than a Thousand Months

Apr 29, 2022

If you saw a treasure chest wide open permitted for you, would you not take? Ustadh Michael Wolfender presents the reality of the best night of the year with a wild example worth paying attention to.

In Surat Al-Qadr (97 The Night of Power), Allah repeats three times which He doesn’t do anywhere else in the Qur’an in this manner. Allah reveals He sent the Qur’an on a night in Ramadan called Laylatul Qadr – the Night of Power. 

Then Allah asks the reader to consider what exactly is this night that has so much power. This is where Ustadh Michael uses his outrageous analogy to help us understand the rewards for worship being accepted on this night.

Laylatul Qadr includes a special visitor who only comes to earth once a year now. Angel Gabriel brought Allah’s Message to prophets, concluding with Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.  In the fourth verse of Al Qadr, Allah describes the earth filling with angels on this special night.

How can you take advantage? We don’t know which of the last ten nights of Ramadan exactly is Laylatul Qadr. Instead, we search for it. It might be one of the odd nights, particularly the 27th of Ramadan. The best way is to worship each of these nights, give charity, pray, read Qur’an and make dua, asking of Allah. He is The Most Generous. He is The Creator. He is All Powerful. He can grant us everything we wish for and it would not decrease Him in any way.

The treasure and reward is available one night a year. It’s up to us to avail ourselves of Allah’s Bounty.