Where Everything Is Infinitely Better

May 22, 2022

Whatever is best doesn’t come easy. It takes work.

For those who love, study and learn the Qur’an, upon entering paradise, angels will don these believers with garments and crowns, including their parents who fostered the best learning.

Allah has given us some illustrations of the rewards He has prepared in paradise, and they are like nothing we’ve seen. Paradise will have mansions which will look like stars they are so high. 

And who will these mansions be for? Principal Wadud Hassan explains it is for those who will be told to recite Qur’an. The more you recite, the higher and higher levels the reciter will rise. When the reciter stops determines the level of his or her home in paradise. 

Heaven will contain tents like hollowed pearls 60 miles from each side. 

These rewards are especially for the believers who apply the perfume of Qur’an to your soul. It’s a smell palpable to angels. 

Earning paradise means hard work, worship and deeds like fasting, reading Qur’an and exhibiting good character. The next time you face a challenge, like waking up on time for Fajr prayer, think of the treasure Allah has waiting for you and work hard in this short life for that eternal happiness.